We are an innovative consultancy and training company

At Siveb we take a holistic approach to risk management, loss prevention, inspections
and damage assessments. We are specialists in vehicles and machinery, but also work in
agriculture, mining and other types of business.

Many damages can be prevented by simple means and knowledge feedback from similar
incidents. Basing recommendations and actions on past experience is therefore central to
our approach.

Learn more about our services and the IRMa app through the links below or contact us.

Risk management

With opportunities come risks. We'll help you assess and manage yours.


We conduct inspections and train your staff. The IRMa app makes work flow smoothly and gives you protocols right away.

Damage prevention

Injury prevention can be a simple and natural part of your business. Let us show you how.

Damage assessment

We assess damages and recommend corrective measures. Risks are reduced through active experience feedback.

A digital tool that supports modern inspection processes

Web and mobile application

Support for smooth inspection processes

Digital protocols are stored centrally

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