IRMa provides flexible support for seamless inspection processes and central storage of digital protocols, which you can access when you need them wherever you are. It is a modern system for damage prevention functions consisting of a mobile and online app.

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A digital tool to support modern inspection processes

Seamless, modern inspection processes require effective tools. With IRMa, you set the framework for inspecting and self-monitoring items in your organisation. The online app provides full overview and control. Statistical functions allow for experience feedback. In the app, your inspectors conduct systematic surveys, which result in uniform digital protocols. Everything is available centrally, immediately after assessment.

IRMa gives you the platform you need to digitise and streamline your inspection processes.

More than inspection

IRMa is a system for effective risk management, with more functions in addition to survey support and statistics. For example, in IRMa you can work systematically with condition assessments and enable intranet functions for collaborating with others in your organisation.

An investment that takes you to new levels

Switching to digital tools for inspection and risk management means a change for both you and your staff. A new tool should be mastered and new procedures put in place. Doing so is very much worth the effort. When investing in IRMa, you are also taking a systematic step up and raising your inspection processes to new levels.

Better overview

IRMa gives you an overview of all items and makes it easy to search for, among other things, a name or model as well as to find an item directly by scanning its QR code. You can see the most recent inspections, protocols, and error reports of the item at once.

More precise control

IRMa is a control tool that allows you to select the items to be included in an inspection. IRMa's scoring system allows you to design your own error thresholds and determine what should happen if they are crossed.

Effective error minimisation

In IRMa, you can design the protocols so that the inspector has a clear understanding of what operations to perform and how. In addition, you can provide the inspector with the relevant instructions, which are displayed at exactly the right moment.

Immediate protocols

After completing an inspection, the protocol can be sent immediately to selected recipients by e-mail or exported to PDF. The protocol is ready at the same time the inspection is completed.

Basis for experience feedback

IRMa gives you access to statistics that allow you to draw general conclusions on, among other things, items and types of damage. The system provides you with the basis for systematic experience feedback and further development of your business.

Active support and commissioning

We understand that investing in new tools and changing established practices is not always easy. Therefore, if necessary, we can play an active role in introducing IRMa to your organisation. We will lead you through planning and commissioning all the way up to the independent use of IRMa in real-life situations.

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